me whenever a drawing doesnt go my way: that’s it. i lost all talent. i’m no longer able to make art. i peaked. this is it. this is the end of days

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Hey! I made a spooky ghost for you guys! 

It’s transparent!

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I still see you inside this God-awful house
You move awfully quiet now
And I still feel you everywhere
You told me this has always been worth living
But what’s really worth living anymore?

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Song of the Day: The Killers (feat. Lou Reed) - Tranquilize

Copyright © 2007 Island Records

In honor of the late Lou Reed (3/2/1942 - 10/27/2013)

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All emotions can be expressed with a K-Pop music video.

agreed. i’ve been feeling ring ding dong as shit lately. 

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Latest 6-pager.

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new aesthetic: man covered in cacti, surrounded by confused police


I don’t understand this aesthetic.

neither do the police

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The gods know what you’ve done.

this is the funniest shit i’ve seen for like 3 years

If Jesus can walk on water….Can he swim on land?

…Probably not…

But Lani can.

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i’m sleepy

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"You’re not fine! That’s why we’re all telling you this! Nagisa and Rei and Rin and me… It’s because we all love you. Because we care about you."

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do it! do the Cal mix!

Haha I eventually lost my first draft, but i think i will make another one.

Fanmixes are really fun to do!

Kuroshitsuji ch. 90 » That Butler, Leaving

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