cant believe im drawing these two idiots

Kind of want to draw trashy punk German boy (noiz)

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ONLY DOING ONE S. Also I’m going to try and make it ridiculous.

C- Classico - Tenacious D

H- Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap

R- Rosetta Stoned - Tool

I- Illness Illusion - Malice Mizer

S- Sour Grapes “Legend of the Mix” - Puscifer


trying to train a weak pokemon and it faints so you bring in your strongest pokemon and absolutely murder them in revenge

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*whispers* smornby



H - How It Ends - DeVotchKa

A - Apres Moi - Regina Spektor

L - Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons

E - El Tango De Roxanne - Ewan McGregor, José Feliciano & Jacek Koman

Y - You’re Gonna Go Far,  Kid - The Offspring

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V - Vicarious - Tool

I - It’s a Fine Day - Miss Jane

C - Call Me, Call Me - Seat Belts

T - Team the Best Team - Doomtree

O - Ocean. Sand. Trees - Epik High

R - Rocket Man - Maynard James Keenan

I - Into Dust - Mazzy Star

A - Aqueous Transmission - Incubus

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meeeee. michelle :3


M - Monsoons - Puscifer


C - Closer - Kings of Leon

H - [A] Horse is Not a Home - Miike snow

E - Elephant Love Medley - Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor

L - Lies - Big Bang

L - Love in the Ice - Dong Bang Shin Ki

E - Earth Song - Michael Jackson

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Tiny yakuza leaders you can put on your blog, they are transparent (≧∇≦)/ Just credit somewhere in your blog. 

Clear and Mink x

Koujaku and Noiz x

Sei and Aoba x

The Alphas x

Mizuki and rhyme!ren x

Ryuuhou and Shiroba x

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Lil’ Hersha and Berta! Ahh, now I want to do the other Allmates…

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sometimes he wants to sing but he’s really tired and this happens

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Birthday gift from my boyfriend. It’s quite fun to pose.



This video might be the most clever way to raise money for dogs in need, because all you need to do is watch it.

"Just by watching these puppies, you’re raising money for dogs in need," says the narrator in the video above. "You see, if a video goes viral, YouTube shares the money they made from advertising with whoever made the video, and in this case, every dollar we earn will go toward feeding, treating and finding homes for dogs who haven’t been as lucky as us."

The video comes from The Pedigree Adoption Drive, and ends by imploring viewers to share because the more views received, the more money will be raised.

So share this video. You know, for the dogs.

If you use AdBlock, make sure to pause it before you watch the video (and yes, the annoying ad). Youtube (and therefor the Pedigree Adoption Drive) makes their money from the ads, which they won’t get with AdBlock on.

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